BleiStahl group


The global-acting BleiStahl group develops, manufactures and sales seat rings and valve guides for combustion engines. The company is a partner of OEMs and tier-1-supplier as it researches and develops solutions to improve engines´ performance and emission data. The products can be found in car and truck engines by almost all OEMs. Additionally, BleiStahl holds a broad know-how about series production in motorsports.



Continuous and sophisticated research and development has led to a technological advance for BleiStahl group towards competitors. The new financial package aims to maintain the company´s position within the sector and creates new possibilities to follow the expansion strategy. 

Since BleiStahl group is family-owned by the 3rd generation, the management is aware of the advantages of Germany as a manufacturing location. The new loan agreement of totally € 66 M, provided by a syndicate of well-known banks, secures BleiStahl´s long-term corporate objectives.

The team of CVM Capital Value Management GmbH under the partners Kai Peppmeier and Claus Keller accompanied the company during the entire structured process of developing a new financial solution.