Samson & Krysztofiak 3S GmbH


Samson & Krysztofiak 3S GmbH is a reliable and competent supplier of security services. The core competency is the supervision and care of shelter for refugees. In addition, training courses are held at the in-house training center "School of Security". The company is based in Datteln, Germany.



In December 2017, the management of Samson & Krysztofiak 3S GmbH filed for insolvency at the local court in Bochum. On 11th December 2017, the local court in Bochum appointed lawyer, Ms. Dorothee Madsen (Bochum) from BRL BOEGE ROHDE LUEBBEHUESEN, as the (preliminary) insolvency administrator over the assets of the company.

In February 2018, the assets of the insolvent company were sold to MK Sicherheitsdienste GmbH, a company of the former managing director located in Datteln, Germany. MK Sicherheitsdienste GmbH takes on all employees.

The insolvency administrator mandated CVM Capital Value Management GmbH to support the search for an investor for the insolvent company. CVM Capital Value Management GmbH conducted the entire sales process, from the identification of potential investors and the selection of the ideal partner to the successful finalization of the transaction in the beginning of February 2018.