KTG Energie AG


KTG Energie AG is an operator of biogas plants at 21 locations with a capacity of 60 mw. The company based in Hamburg has been operating within the industrial biogas production for 8 years and is one of the pioneers in using catch crops. Currently, KTG Energie AG generates an annual sales volume of about about € 80 m with around 100 employees. According to KTG Energie AG, the majority of the biomass necessary for their energy production comes from agricultural enterprises owned by Deutsche Agrar Holding GmbH (DAH).



In September 2016, the local court of Hamburg opened insolvency proceedings over the assets of KTG Agrar SE as debtor in possession. Preliminary trustee of the company, lawyer Stefan Denkhaus of BRL Boege Rhode Luebbehuesen, and laywer Jan Ockelmann of Johlke Niethammer & Partner in his role as CRO of KTG Agrar SE, mandated CVM Capital Value Management GmbH to support the sales process of the shareholding in KTG Energie AG. CVM Capital Value Management GmbH has successfully accompanied the sale of 50.06 % of KTG Energie AG’s shares 
www.brl.de / www.jnp.de / www.ktg-agrar.de

Deutsche Agrar Holding GmbH belongs to the family foundation Gustav Zech Stiftung and has acquired 50.06 % of KTG Energie AG’s shares. The foundation located in Bremen is legally independent of Zech Group but, being a family foundation, it can be assigned to the group. Zech Group is run in third generation by Mr. Kurt Zech with about 6,000 employees. The annual sales volume aggregates to around € 1.4 bn.
www.zech-group.com / www.daholding.de

CVM Capital Value Management GmbH has successfully supported the sales process of 50.06 % of KTG Energie AG’s shares. In September 2016, the shares of KTG Energie AG were successfully transferred to Gustav Zech Stiftung.